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Body Proportions and Body Mass
Since the middle 90's I have been interested in interpreting body
mass and body proportions in early and later hominids.  My interest
stemmed from my Ph.D. research where I noted unusual
proportions in the skeleton of A. africanus.  Following on this work I
began collaborating with Henry McHenry of UC Davis.  This
collaboration resulted in two papers on limb lengths and body
proportions in A. africanus which concluded that A. africanus had,
contrary to then held opinions, primitive body proportions (long
arms and short legs).  This work was nominated as one of the top  
100 science stories of the year by Discover Magazine. To see
interpretive artwork illustrated in Discover click
Here. I have also
worked with Steve Churchill on the mass and proportions of later
Pleistocene hominins. To view papers on this subject click