Geological setting of Au. sediba 2010 Dirks et al.

The original description of the species 2010 Berger et al.

Candidate Human Ancestor From South Africa Sparks Praise and Debate
Michael Balter 2010

The Evolutionary History of the Australopiths  2010 Strait

New hominin fossils from Malapa: The unveiling of
Australopithecus sediba 2010 Morris

araminological Analysis Places Homo habilis, Homo rudolfensis, and
Australopithecus sediba in the Human Holobaramin Wood 2010 - this is a
creation scientist so be warned of its bias' but in the interest of fairness....

Comparisons between Australopithecus sediba and other hominin taxa
COMPARISONS BETWEEN AustrAlopithecus sedibA (MH1) AND OTHER Hominin
taxa Thackeray 2010

Letter to the editor: Geochronology and palaeoenvironments of Southern
African hominin‐bearing localities  2010 Herries et al.

Bernard Wood  discusses
Reconstructing human evolution: Achievements,
challenges, and opportunities 2010
Academic Articles Citing au. sediba

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