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What's New
November 2012

A links added to , my talk at Google and the
Academy of Achievement.

Sept 11 2012

A new pre- print entitled
Australopithecus sediba and the
earliest origins of the genus Homo
has been added to the
Malapa paper page.

July 28th 2012

A new article on the Diet of Australopithecus sediba in Nature
on the
Malapa paper page.

March 22nd

A new open access article published in the
South African
Journal of Science

on:  Investigation of a credible report by a US Marine on the
location of the missing Peking Man fossils

Just published!

Feb 4th 2012

My Children's book on the discovery of sediba, written with
Mark Aronson is now available on pre-order from Amazon:

Order it

3rd Jan 2012

Two new papers added to the
Malapa Paper page

1st Jan 2012

Here is a link to my
explorers page at National Geographic

December 31st 2011

Added links to the
National Geographic Live lecture to the main
page and a new page on the 2011 selection of Au. sediba as
top science stories of the year.

December 29th 2011 I have added pages with the complete
list of papers published by the Malapa team.  
Click Here to go
directly to the new paper page.

February 5th 2011

I will be giving lectures at the Smithsonian Institution's
Museum of Natural History at 3pm.  Contact
Briana Pobiner at
the Smithsonian for more Information.  I will Also be giving a
public lecture at my Alma Mater Georgia Southern University
on the 12th at 6pm.  For more info.
click Here!

January 15th 2011

Congratulations to the sediba team for the
announcement of
Au. sediba being named the 34th
most important science story of the year by
Magazine and runner up for the top ten science stories
of the year by
Scientific American!  Well done to


Finally some updates! The last two years have been
rather busy with the discovery of Australopithecus
sediba, but I should be getting back to updating the
site on a regular basis now!

Australopithecus sediba papers are now available here:

Science special on Au. sediba

A paper on Examining Criteria for Identifying
and Differentiating Fossil Faunal
Assemblages Accumulated by
Hyenas and Hominins using Extant
Hyenid Accumulations  By Kuhn, Berger and Skinner

Free to use for educators and students -
images of Au.
sediba and answers to Frequently Asked Questions!

A paper on:

Using Strontium Isotopes to Study Site
Accumulation Processes


new species of fossil dog from Gladysvale


A paper on site numbering by Zipfel and Berger 2010

high resolution images for educators and media
to use of
Australopithecus sediba found on the Au.
sediba pages on my site.


New pictures added to my
family pages from our
various trips!


A new paper by Brian Kuhn, Lee Berger and John
Skinner on hyena taphonomy and accumulations


My new book, co-authored with Brett-Hilton Barber,
Exploring Victoria Falls is out now.  You can view
pages and purchase the book at

You can purchase many of my other books at


Added new
pictures from our family's trip to the annual
Young Presidents Organization's African Family Safari.


An open access copy of Working and Guiding in the
Cradle of Humankind is now available for download


new article out in South African Journal of Science
on further evidence for bird of prey damage on the
Taung child skull.


Added news links on the Palau page.


A front page to some information on Palau


article on Prof. Berger and South African fossil
carnivores in Getaway magazine.


New pictures of Prof. Berger's  family from recent trips
to Disney and Cape Town.


Two new reviews of Exploring Kruger

The Prime Origins Publishing website is up and running!


An interview with Prof. Berger in the South African
Fairlady magazine and a news article on the Taung
child bird of prey hypothesis in Current World

And the new article co-authored with Bernhard Zipfel
arguing that wearing shoes is bad for you.  Read the
Here and the press Here!


An interview with the Naked Scientist - hear the


There is a new web page on the latest edition of
Exploring Kruger